Probate is the process that specifically resolves all claims and distributes a decedent's property.
Probate document

The Law Offices of Suzanne M. Graves assists families throughout all the stages of the sometimes very difficult and complicated probate process.

As part of the probate process you may need the following:


There is the possibility that prior to your death you will become mentally disabled due to disease, stroke, or accident. A Conservatorship is a legal proceeding in the probate court which is designed to protect a mentally disabled person unable to manage their financial affairs. The probate court protects the disabled person's assets, creditors, and personal rights and appoints someone to manage and assume the mentally disabled person's financial affairs. This causes additional expense, you loose control of your assets, and you lose privacy in the public proceedings.

You can avoid the conservatorship proceedings by meeting with our office and creating a properly drafted estate plan. Our estate planning documents provide for disability planning and there will be no need for the court to appoint a guardian for your property or assets since the person you appointed as your successor trustee will function in that capacity. We also provide Successor Trustee Workshops for the family and friends that you choose to appoint in this position.


Guardianship is a court proceeding in which a judge gives someone who is not a parent custody of a child, or the power to manage the child's property, or both.