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What To Do When Your Children Don’t Get Along

Monday, July 12th, 2010

When meeting with clients, I regularly counsel them on issues like what to do when their children don’t get along.  The concern is that they don’t get along now, and if they can expect things to improve once they are gone.  Can they do anything to prevent one, or any of them, from contesting their will in the hopes they can get more money.

Sure!  Clients often include a “no contest” clause in their wills or trusts.  The clause says, essentially, that if beneficiaries contest a will in court and lose, then they receive nothing; not even what was originally left to them.  A no contest clause won’t guarantee that a child won’t attack your will or trust, but it should make the child think long and hard before doing so.  However, each state’s laws are different, so the advice of an attorney is critical in this regard.